Our Approach

Once placed with us, every debt and the one owing it, is given a fresh start and fair shake at voluntarily resolving their past due account. After the account is initially reviewed by our attorneys, the debtors are contacted by our Account Resolution Specialists, who are extremely talented and professional problem solvers. The Account Resolution specialists approach each debt and debtor in an out of the ordinary positive manner. All avenues are first explored to achieve payment-in-full. If circumstances warrant it, the Account Resolution Specialists will seek the client’s permission to the settle the account for an agreed to lump sum amount. If a payment-in-full or a compromise cannot be worked out, then an appropriate installment plan will be explored. In each instance, the debtor is treated with dignity and respect.

If the Account Resolution Specialists are unable to secure the voluntary compliance of those owing debts, the accounts are sent to our attorneys for review and handling. Our lawyers and paralegals, will prepare and submit recommendations as to whether an account is litigation-worthy. In the appropriate cases we may seek through litigation a judgment in favor of our client.  We will use tools such as subpoenas, bank attachments, and garnishments to collect on any judgments obtained.

We have talented and dedicated legal assistants who provide all levels of clerical and other support in order to maximize the opportunity and time necessary to make quality contact with those who owe and to work out solutions to their indebtedness.

We ensure that all staff is provided the necessary training and tools to comply with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, (FDCPA), the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, (HIPAA), Internal Revenue Service Publication 1075 safeguarding federal taxpayer information and all other laws and regulations governing the firm’s collection of past due accounts. We regularly reviews policies and procedures and conducts internal audits.

The high standards set forth in provisions such as IRS Publication 1075, O.R.C. §1347, and HIPAA, are the foundation of our firm’s policies and procedures for safeguarding sensitive and confidential information. We have a zero-tolerance policy for improper disclosure of client, company, and debtor data. Target information is safeguarded at three levels: 1) Physical Site Security, 2) System Security, and 3) Comprehensive Staff Training and System and Practice Oversight.

Every member of the firm is tasked with safeguarding all Federal Tax Payer Information (FTI) and Confidential Personal Information (CPI). The staff meets regularly to discuss the firm’s compliance with IRS Publication 1075, O.R.C. §1347, HIPAA and other rules and regulations regarding the safeguarding of sensitive and confidential information. Periodic inspections and audits of all systems, practices and procedures are conducted to ensure that all are in compliance with safeguarding requirements.