Our Philosophy

The philosophy and approach of Pohler & Keck, LLC, , sets us apart from the standard collections firm. We know how important relationships are to any successful business, agency, or venture. Our debt recovery system protects the customer, client, and constituent relationships built over the years by the creditors we represent. We are able to achieve this result due to our Account Resolution Specialists who serve as a problem-solving resource to help those with past due accounts move with dignity from a dilemma of indebtedness to financial stability and a fresh start.

Although we certainly have the resources and capability to take stronger recovery measures if necessary, experience has taught us that our customer service-oriented philosophy proves most successful in the greater majority of the accounts. Pohler & Keck, LLC, with its professional staff and the best technology-based tools, is prepared to provide the highest level of customer service that will meet the debt recovery and resolution needs of our clients. We have the right people and the right tools ready to be applied to your past due receivables.