Pohler & Keck’s mission is to provide private and public sector creditors with high yield collection results, while focusing on professional customer service. We provide technologically advanced recovery and resolution services enabling those with debts to resolve their past due obligations with dignity. Our highly motivated, well managed, and well trained professional team pursues this mission with a passion, realizing that every day monies are lost due to less-than-adequate accounts receivable management. The financial health of any entity is enhanced greatly by a well planned and purposeful approach to addressing this challenge. Pohler & Keck, LLC provides that approach by building on an extensive network of contacts, resources, and proven success.

Sue Pohler, Senior Partner and 
Timothy E.J. Keck, Managing Partner,
head up all of the firm’s legal initiatives, processes and procedures including protecting our clients’ rights as creditors and debt recovery through litigation and post judgment execution.